Industry and handcraft

CNC-spinning Spinning by hand Deep-drawing
CNC-spinning assures top dimensional accuracy and constant quality. Our longlasting professional experiences in manual fabrication facilitate to fulfil individual costumer wishes. A secure sense for the material flow is indispensable for pressing by hand. Deep-drawing is considered one of the most important procedures of sheet metal forming. In a lot of fields, it has a central importance for large-scale production of hollow items. Per definition, deep-drawing is a drawing-comprehension-forming of planar sheet blanks into one-side-opened hollow items or of a hollow item into one with a smaller perimeter. The necessary tools we produce ourselve.

Metal spinning:
Metal spinning is a very old trade. Already a long time ago, commodities and works of art were produced from thin sheets.
Only in the last few centuries, metal spinning was developed into an efficient producing method by improving technics and technologies.
Especially for fabricate rotation symmetrial items with minor or medium quantities, metal spinning is superior to other methods.

The arrester of the tailstock presses a rondo (round blank of sheet) against the front end of the mandril and the spinning roller draws it reverse the mandril. Contact force and infeed of the spinning roller form the material in the favoured shape.
Common materials are:
  • on-alloyed and low-alloyed carbonsteel
  • rust- and acidoresistent steels
  • lightmetals (aluminium, - alloys)
  • non-iron and heavy metals (lead, copper, brass,...)
  • noble metals
Predominating application areas:
  • household industries
  • refulgence industries (indoor- and outdoor-refulgence)
  • construction of centrifuges
  • heating, ventilation, sanitary fields
  • construction and renovation of smokestacks
  • construction of cases
  • construction of washing items